Our ICOs and Bounty Hunters

Legitize Drops is a campaign and community management platform that provides a full service on promoting ICOs through conducting bounty campaigns and Airdrop campaigns. We offer the best community managers who are suitable for a specific project. We will cover the community management of your Telegram community ensuring that investors’ inquiries will be answered accurately and providing them accommodating attention.

We are a group of professional crypto ICO consultants who have technical expertise, are excellent at support and are led by an elite team of managers.

Bounty hunters are well entertained providing them a legitimate bounties and addressing any issues regarding their stakes earned. Ensuring that they will get the exact amount of stakes earned every bounty they participated.

Thus we assure a project in our hands will gain what it takes to succeed.


What We Offer
Due to the rampant cases of scamming attempt nowadays, investors are afraid to invest in unpopular ICOs. Thus making some ICOs hard to reach their soft cap and hard cap or even failed. We are here to offer our service. We firstly investigate the legitimacy of a project before promoting and moreover caters their entry verification to give investors and bounty hunters a 100% legitimate project.

Our Bounty Hunters

Campaign Management

We will cover the overall operation of campaign management for you. From Airdrop campaign to Bounty campaign. The Bounty Management team are experienced crypto enthusiast around the world who had managed various ICOs.

Community Management

Your Telegram Community will be managed by professional community Managers and telegram moderators who has experty in that field. Our Community Managers and moderators undergone an intensive examination to test their capability and skills, thus ensuring that only the best ones are hired.

Legitized Campaigns

All campaigns featured by us are verified. We evaluate the credibility of the team and the potential of the project. No low quality icos and fake team featured by us. We ensure that all campaigns are being "Legitized" by us.

Prioritized Hunters

Hunting bounties and airdrops is not easy, it takes time and effort. We make sure that all these will not be wasted. We did create an innovative way of hunting airdrops and bounties easily through our website.

Entry Verification

Upon taking partnership with us, your legitimacy will be evaluated giving guarantee to our bounty hunters and investors that their time, money, and effort will be worth-while. We are giving full attention to your project investigating. Reading your whitepaper and referring to the roadmap, verifying the identity of the team behind the project and etc.

Certified Community Managers

Community Managers are well trained. They undergone intensive test to sharpen their community management skill. They are certified fluent in english and have good communication skill.

Control of your Assets

In legitize we guarantee an accurate distribution of payments for hunter. Hunters can set their personal info like wallet addresses and social media accounts to ensure they are correct and will not result into any error.

Your ICO

Monitoring of Participants

We give you an exclusive interface of our Website where you can check the spreadsheet and monitor the stakes earned by the hunters who joined your campaign.

Verified Community Managers

We display a profile infos of Community Managers who will suit for your standards and work for you in exchange for your token.

- These Community Manager are trained under us.

Token Friendly

Legitize is token friendly, we manage tokens from Waves, Ethereum, Omni, Komodo, Verge, Neo and others.

Various Bounty Campaign

Our bounty management service will include: Translation Campaign, Signature Campaign, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and Content Creation.

Telegram Community Boosting

We boost the community chat of your project through our platform.

Distribution of rewards

We will distribute the tokens earned by our hunters. We ensure all will recieve the exact amount they must have.

Why Choose Us?

Group of expert crypto ICO enthusiasts who have technical expertise 100%
Teamwork 100%
Hard Work 100%
Goals 100%
Motivation 100%
Vision 100%
Social Media Content 100%
Community Management 100%
Bounty Campaigns 100%
Quality Service 100%
Excellent Community Managers 100%

Frequently Ask Questions

Where is legitized based at?

Legitize Drops is technically based at Philippines hence most of the core team members are Filipinos. But we are expanding our team worldwide, hiring skilled Community Managers to be part of our team.

I have technical problem, who do I email?

For technical problems please send a detailed report of what happened to legitized.drops@gmail.com we will respond to your inquiries within 48-72 hours.

How much will cost if I will let Legitize Team to handle a package campaign and community management?

Well, we specified the price of each particular service. The payment for a package community and campaign management is $800 weekly. This is excluding the salary for community managers and moderators.

Do Legitize gives customers a trial period of their service?

Unfortunately no, our company is too busy for trials.

Is there any country restriction for your service?

No, we don’t have country restrictions. As long as you can provide what we need like white paper and a background identification for the team.

How long does legitize render their service?

We render our service depends on the agreed end date.

Is my money worth-while for being catered by legitize?

Yes, of course.

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About Our Company

Legitize Drops

Due to their fast result-yielding nature, bounties have grown over the past few years to become the best method of marketing an ICO. Bountyhive is here to eliminate all the hoops a company goes through when launching a Bounty Campaign and make it easier for Bounty Hunters to complete their tasks, providing the means for building a strong and close community for your ICO.


To provide a friendly and affordable 24/7 management of your telegram channel by assisting potential investors in answering their inquiry and concerns to obtain the information they need while simultaneously delivering quality service to the customers and investors.


To be one of the leading and sought-after community management in the industry wherein investors would receive exceptional and trustworthy service that they deserve.